Scars Treatment in Central London, W1

Specialists in a range of scar treatment options which can beautifully enhance your look – from growth factor induction therapy to stunning pigmentation treatments. Our practitioners advise you on the best treatment for your needs.

Scar Camouflage and scar reduction techniques have improved dramatically within the last decade. We now have a range of options available to us that are far less invasive and with more pleasing results.

Growth Factor Induction Therapy provides an invigorating and intense collagen boost. This particular facial will address the issues associated with our skin, along with acne, pigmentation issues, scarring, wrinkles and even hair loss.

The PRX-T33® is the next generation of skin peels, it contains 33% TCA, Hydrogen Peroxide and Kojic Acid. This formulation provides all of the benefits of a high percentage TCA peel but without the associated side effects (discomfort and peeling) and downtime thanks to the addition of the Hydrogen compound.

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