Introducing Plasma Lift Treatment – a cutting edge new way to treat lines and sagging skin without surgery, muscle relaxers or fillers.

Plasma Lift uses a miniscule ionised arc to instantly tighten wrinkles and smooth uneven surfaces. Many people are familiar with fillers and muscle relaxers, often used to treat sagging skin around the eyes, mouth and neck. Plasma lift offers an effective alternative with natural looking results, improvements are visible after only one treatment.

Immediate results after one treatment
Perfect choice to tighten eyelids without surgery
Remove lines on the neck, chest and around the mouth

Crow’s feet and side block, 56 year old woman.

Crow’s feet and side block, 56 year old woman.

Plasma Lift works by using a small pen which creates an ionised arc of plasma. When the pen is in close contact with the surface of the skin skin it creates a tiny microdot, this instantly vaporises the unwanted skin, immediately tightening the surrounding area, removing unwanted skin and lines.
Plasma lift treatment is ideal for anyone who wishes to tighten skin and lessen the appearance of lines. It is a great treatment for:

Tightening crepey eyelids and lifting the eye area
Removing lines around the eyes
Reducing smokers lines around the mouth
Reducing Nasolabial folds (lines that run from the nose to mouth)
Tightening skin on the neck and reducing crease lines
Tightening crepey skin on the chest/decolletage
Removing Milia, Skin Tags and Cherry Angiomas
Removing moles and pigmentation (sun damage, age spots)
Reduce and smooth hypertrophic (raised) scars

After the treatment, temporary swelling may occur on the areas where the treatment has been applied. This generally lasts 2-3 days before subsiding naturally. This is absolutely normal and is a result of the body’s natural response mechanism.
A single plasma lift treatment session is sufficient to make a noticeable improvement to skin tightness, multiple treatments may be recommended for very affected skin.
Since plasma lift does not use fillers, muscle relaxers or any surgical procedures, the results look extremely natural. You will look like yourself, but with smoother, younger skin. Results can be seen immediately and will become more visible over the following weeks. The results are permanent and do not ‘fade away’, you will only require a maintenance session when the skin naturally ages again.
Plasma lift treatments sessions generally last between 30 minutes and 1 hour depending on the size of the area to be treated.
Following your treatment you will be asked to keep the area dry and out of the sun, we will provide full aftercare instructions and aftercare cream at your treatment.
It’s not unusual to be nervous before a treatment, especially if it is your first time. Rest assured that a topical anaesthetic will be applied to ensure that the plasma lift procedure is as comfortable as possible and Borciani London staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about your treatment.
Plasma lift is non-surgical, so risks are extremely minimal compared to surgical skin tightening procedures. You may experience some swelling around the treatment site for a few days following plasma lift however this generally subsides within a week. With darker complexions, there may be a risk or hyperpigmentation, this will be assessed during your consultation.
Upper Eyelid – (£425)
Lower Eyelid – (£275)
Crows Feet – (£275)
Upper/Lower Eyelid plus Crows Feet – (£700)
Glabella Lines (frown lines between eyes) – (£150)
Plasma Shower without/with Mesotherapy – (£85/£130)

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Upper Eye Lift (Non Surgical blepheraplasty) Results after 1 treatment

Plasma Treatment to remove age/sun spots, results after 1 treatment

Plasma Lift for loose skin on elbow

Plasma lift is quick to apply and is useful for many areas of the body. As well as the skin of the face, plasma lift can also be used to treat scar tissue, pigmentation such as freckles, age spots, moles and skin tags.

The ideal non-surgical solution for treating skin on the chest, stomach, arms, face and neck.

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Natasha is highly skilled and professional whilst being warm and friendly. I had eyebrows done, which have been a hugely uplifting change to my face. Natasha has so much understanding, patience and experience to know what is appropriate for you and takes time to ensure you are 100% happy with the outline. You get what you pay for and when considering a long lasting procedure on the face, only the best should do. Natasha is the go-to expert. I am delighted with the results of my treatment and care and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Natasha
Yell - Belgravia118
I had the most enjoyable experience having my eyebrows microbladed. Natasha was professional, friendly and very accommodating. She thoroughly explained the procedure and helped me feel at ease. During the procedure she made sure to check after every stroke if I was alright and if I felt any pain she applied more anesthetic. The treatment went by very quick thanks to the pleasant conversation we had and her amazing music play list. At the end I had the fleekiest eyebrows! I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for great results while not compromising comfort.
Google - Ludmilla
Absolutely delighted with my brows. Natasha is such a professional. I’ve gone from hating my brows to loving them. No more brow pencils or brow gel, I’ve got the look I’ve always wanted. Highly, highly recommend
My eyebrows have gone from sparce and straggly to beautifully-shaped lustrous. I had a really good experience as Natasha is a professional with a warm personality who worked with me all the way. The treatment was painless, again Natasha waited until the anaesthetic had worked rather than rushing on. Totally recommend going to her.
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