Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent Eyeliner Treatment

This is a must have treatment for anyone who wishes to define their eyes – we have a range of options from a discreet, barely there lash liner to a stronger evening look to suit every face.

Do you struggle to apply your eyeliner or find that it smudges and smears during the day? If you wear contact lenses, have allergies to makeup or would just like to wake up with a more defined eye then let us create the perfect look for you. We will work with you during your consultation to find the most flattering shape and colour for your treatment, you will be left with a beautiful, long lasting liner.

Discreet Lash Liner

If you have sparse eyelashes or simply don’t have the time or skill to apply eyeliner then this is a great option.  We will apply a discreet line within the lashes making your eyes look more defined and with fuller lashes. This is a great option for anyone who wants definition of the eyes but without a visible liner.

Natural Eyeliner

This is our most popular option for eyeliner, it’s a subtle but defined eyeliner for those who want more than a lash line but with a natural result.  We create a thin liner close to the lashes and can add a fine wing or not if you prefer.

Extended Day Liner

Wider than the Natural Eyeliner, this look is still natural but with a thicker line above the lashes and a cat’s eye extension.

Evening Liner

The evening liner is a bold, thick line above the lashes incorporating a winged cats eye, great if you prefer an evening look to your eye makeupIf you would like more information or to book your appointment, please contact us.

Permanent Eyeliner Treatment
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