Mesotherapy Treatment

Face & Skin Rejuvenation Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is an extremely effective treatment for both the face and body, leaving skin tighter, brighter, hydrated and rejuvenated. A special blend of potent vitamins, minerals and pharmaceuticals is created to address your specific needs and a tiny needle is used to inject these into the superficial layers of the skin boosting collagen and elastic, the building blocks of great skin.

Who is Mesotherapy good for?

Most clients are good candidates for Mesotherapy, anyone who wants to rejuvenate, hydrate and brighten their skin or reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Mesotherapy can be used all over the body and is a great option for neck, chest and hands which can often age quicker than our face. Mesotherapy can also be used to minimize stretch marks and cellulite and promote hair growth on the scalp. Due to the non invasive nature of the treatment, it is a safe option for all ages and skin tones.

Skin Rejuvenation Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is particularly effective for:

Decolletage – Wrinkles and Sagging Skin on the chest and neck

Skin Tone and Texture – Dark Spots and Sun Damage

Body Treatments – Stretch Marks

Scalp and Hair Line – Hair Loss

Hands – Firmer, more youthful skin, dark spots and sun damage

Scar Softening – reduction in raised and discoloured scars.>

The Treatment

We usually start with a light glycolic peel to ‘prepare; the skin so that it can absorb the serums more effectively, we then mix the meso cocktail depending on your concerns, a tiny needle is used to administer the cocktail in the superficial layers of the skin. The procedure feels relatively comfortable as the needle is very small and a topical anaesthetic can be used if required. Directly after the treatment, the skin will be tighter, more hydrated and glowing, there may be some redness, which will disappear within a couple of hours.

More information on the treatment including what to expect and the do’s and don’t’s following your procedure are available in the FAQ and Aftercare sections.

Mesotherapy Pre & Post Care Instructions

Mesotherapy contains a cocktail of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and hyaluronic acid.  It is designed to boost cell turnover, hydrate and provide essential supplements to the skin. Read More

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