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Changes in pigment will affect most of us at some point, it can arise from sun damage, trauma to the skin, melasma or even the loss of pigment.

Hyperpigmentation has been shown to be far more ageing than lines and wrinkles and traditionally has been difficult to treat, especially for darker skin tones.

So what causes pigmentation?  There are many reasons that we pigment, the most common are:

Sun damage

This is caused by overstimulation of melanocytes which create patches of darker skin and become more pronounced as we age.

Age Spots

Often found on the hands and face in older patients, these spots vary in size, they are harmless but unsightly.


Scars can often heal with hyperpigmentation, this is more common in people with olive skins and darker.   The scarring can be post surgical, accidental or most commonly from bites, stings and scratches.


Traditionally lasers and Hydroquinone have been used to treat pigmentation, both of these options were not ideal for the health of the skin and lasers carried a risk of post inflammatory pigmentation in darker skins.

Recently there have been some exciting developments to  counteract pigmentation, we have a number of options for all skin types and ages, they include:

What treatments are available to counteract pigmentation?

Melasma is often associated with hormonal changes in the skin, this can be from taking the contraceptive pill or can show up during pregnancy.

  • Plasma Lift: This plasma treatment is extremely effective at removing age spots and patches of pigmentation, a pen is used to create an ‘arc’ of plasma, this chelates the top layer of the skin leaving fresh, new skin underneath. A great option for lighter skins, you will need to be careful in the sun and expect a period of downtime.
  • Skin Peels (TCA/Lactic): Skin peels are a great way to lift pigmentation whilst improving the texture of the skin. A custom peel will be chosen for you depending on your skin type, level of pigmentation and downtime (the higher the % of peel, the more downtime to expect). This is a good choice for those looking for an overall improvement to the skin
  • Melanin Inhibitor:  If you prefer to use an at home treatment then we have an extremely effective protocol which can be used to lighten skin on the face and body including lips , underarms and groin.  Cyspera can be purchased in the clinic or we can post out to you.
  • Mesotherapy: Mesotherapy is an extremely effective treatment for both the face and body, leaving skin tighter, brighter, hydrated and rejuvenated. A special blend of potent vitamins, minerals and pharmaceuticals is created to address your specific needs and a tiny needle is used to inject these into the superficial layers of the skin boosting collagen and elastic, the building blocks of great skin. If you prefer a needle free experience, we can also deliver these serums using Plasma Shower technology.
  • PRX Reverse Peel: Pigmentation can often be quite deep in the skin, which is why other peels are not effective at lifting the dark areas. The Reverse Peel works on both the dermis and epidermis to lift out the most stubborn pigmentation.

The TCA starts melanin oxidation, thanks to the hydrogen peroxide, and continues with
the lightening action of the kojic acid. Both the substances reach the deeper layers of the dermis for deeper lifting. The second and third layers descale the outer layers of the skin to remove the surface pigmentation.

The peel is safe for all skin tones and is safe to use even during the summer, there is little to no downtime. Best for those with darker skins who cannot have any downtime or will be exposed to the sun.

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