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Reduce The Appearance Of Ageing On Your Hands With This Simple Dermal Filler Treatment

Apart from our faces and necks, our hands are the most visible part of our body. Often unclothed and on show, yet in spite of advances surrounding facial cosmetic procedures, hand fillers or hand rejuvenation is an area that’s been somewhat neglected. Following an increase in popularity of facial cosmetic procedures, people are now asking for dermal fillers for hands. Below, you’ll find all the information you need regarding the treatment, why we use it and how it works.

What Are Hand Fillers And Do I Need Them?

Ageing of the hands can be defined as a loss of dermal elasticity, along with atrophy of the subcutaneous tissue. This means that veins, bony structures and of course our tendons all become increasingly more visible. There is nothing to stop this aging process. So while we can’t prevent it, we can correct it and we do this with the help of dermal fillers for hands. Hand fillers will essentially restore the volume of lost tissue, providing a naturally young appearance.

Before and after our hand filler treatment

Results straight after the treatment

What Happens During The Treatment?

While some cosmetic procedures require more invasive action, hand fillers are less so. Dermal fillers are injected into the hands using a cannula rather than a needle which significantly reduces discomfort, bruising and swelling. This is due to the fact that cannulas mean fewer injection sites. This once again contributes to the natural appearance we look to achieve here at Borciani London. As with any procedure requiring filler to be injected, you may experience some discomfort. This varies from patient to patient.

When Will I See Results And How Long Do Hand Fillers Last?

With hand fillers, results are immediate with you being able to notice a fuller appearance from the first treatment. The results for this particular procedure vary from person to person however, typically last anywhere from 12 to 18 months.

Here at Borciani London, we provide the highest standards in treatments, procedures and after care. Our expertly trained staff are on hand at every step to ensure you receive the best results possible. If you would like more information on hand rejuvenation cost or the procedure itself, simply contact our team today via email at clinic@borcianilondon.com. Our team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the procedure.

We use a dermal filler to restore volume and hydration to the hands, this plumps up the hand making veins and tendons less visible and smoothing wrinkles and fine lines. We use a cannula which is very gentle and minimises any bruising and swelling.
This treatment is perfect for anyone who feels as though their hands are showing signs of ageing or who have lost volume in this area. Also a great treatment for people who have recently got engaged as their hands will be looked at more during this time.
We use a range of fillers at the clinic including Juvederm, Teoxane, Restylane and Revolax, your practitioner will discuss the benefits of each and which would be best for your treatment and desired effect
You will see an immediate improvement in volume and texture, this will continue to improve for the next 30 days.
As with any injectable, you may experience some bruising and swelling although this is less common than with other areas. Your hands may feel a little tender for the first couple of days but you can resume normal activities.
This treatment lasts approximately 12 months although this will depend on your age and lifestyle. You can simply have a top up treatment as soon as you feel you need it.
Dermal Fillers for the hands are £395.

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I had the most enjoyable experience having my eyebrows microbladed. Natasha was professional, friendly and very accommodating. She thoroughly explained the procedure and helped me feel at ease. During the procedure she made sure to check after every stroke if I was alright and if I felt any pain she applied more anesthetic. The treatment went by very quick thanks to the pleasant conversation we had and her amazing music play list. At the end I had the fleekiest eyebrows! I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for great results while not compromising comfort.
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Absolutely delighted with my brows. Natasha is such a professional. I’ve gone from hating my brows to loving them. No more brow pencils or brow gel, I’ve got the look I’ve always wanted. Highly, highly recommend
My eyebrows have gone from sparce and straggly to beautifully-shaped lustrous. I had a really good experience as Natasha is a professional with a warm personality who worked with me all the way. The treatment was painless, again Natasha waited until the anaesthetic had worked rather than rushing on. Totally recommend going to her.
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