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Hair loss for men can often impact confidence and is ageing – for women hair loss can seriously damage self esteem and a sense of femininity.  Until recently, the only treatment options have been expensive and painful hair replacement surgeries or product and supplements which are rarely effective.

Hair Follicle Simulation London

Our Hair Follicle Simulation treatment is a safe, non-surgical alternative that is suitable for clients irrespective of age, hair colour or skin type. It’s been designed to replicate the appearance of real hair follicles in male clients or strands in women, offering a more affordable and natural alternative to hair restoration. HFS has been available for some time and is often referred to as Scalp Tattooing, Scalp Micropigmentation or Hairline Tattoos.  Recent developments mean that this procedure can now be completed in 90 minutes rather than a gruelling 5-15 hours.

In a large number of cases, our clients have reported increased hair growth in the treatment area due to collagen and elastic being triggered at the time of the procedure.

Scalp Tattooing

Hairline Treatment

Hair Follicle Simulation

Hair Follicle Simulation

Scalp Tattooing

Scalp Pigmentation for women

Reasons Why Hairloss Happens

Hair loss occurs in many ways, for men this is often crown balding or a progressively receding hairline.  Women’s hair loss can be due to more complex medical reasons and can occur in patches, thinning hair across the scalp or an uneven hairline with receding areas.  We can reproduce the look of hair using various techniques no matter how your hair loss is occuring.

Scalp MicropigmentationCrown Balding

Hair loss on the crown is a very typical affect of male pattern baldness.  We are able to create an extremely natural blend from where the hair is thinning at the crown and merge this into your existing hairline, this can be maintained as the hair patterns alter in the following years.

Hair Follicle Simulation treatment

Hair Follicle Simulation for Complete Hair Loss

Hair Follicle Simulation is an excellent alternative to surgical solutions for anyone with total hair loss. This treatment is an excellent option to restore self confidence in people of all ages and skin types

Hairline Tattoos

Receding Hairline

Crown baldness and a receding hairline are the most common areas that men start to lose their hair.  Frontal hair loss is often more noticeable and aging and can have a bigger impact as hair frames the face.

With Hair Follicle Simulation we will camouflage  your area of concern is, leaving you with a cropped, strong and attractive hairline.  It is often helpful to bring photo’s of yourself before the hair loss so that we can recreate your natural hairline.

Hair Follicle Simulation for Women

Hair Follicle Simulation for Women

Women too can face alopecia, thinning and baldness and it is on the rise. Multiple studies have offered possible causes; stress, hormones, pollution, hair products, diet, pregnancy and raised testosterones.

For women,  the effects can be devastating to confidence and self-esteem as our hair is often considered part of our attractiveness and femininity.

We have excellent options for women experiencing hair loss including scalp pigmentation to make the hair look fuller and thicker and treatments to make the hairline more uniform and round (if there are areas that are receding or sparse), the results are incredibly natural, long lasting with little to no maintenance.

Hair Follicle Simulation

All Skin Types and Ages

Hair Follicle Simulation is suited to all skin types, age and ethnicity.  We will custom mix pigments to seamlessly blend the treated area with any existing hair.

What does the treatment involve?

During the consultation we will discuss the look that you wish to achieve, whether it be covering a bald spot or refreshing your receding hairline.  We will custom blend pigments to match your hair colour exactly and provide a topical numbing agent to ensure that you are comfortable during the procedure.

We recreate your hairline in the initial session with microdots of pigment which replicate the look of hair follicles.  Implantation is carried out using a digital roller system  which dramatically reduces the treatment time (previously 5-10 hours, now 60-90 minutes).

How much does it cost?

We price according to the Hamilton Norwood scale (baldness from Stage 1 – 7) and prices range from £500 for light receding to £3000 for a full head treatment.  The cost includes the consultation, the treatment and a follow up session (two if required) to perfect the hair line and add pigment if necessary.

Hair Follicle Simulation London

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