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Dermal Fillers have become increasingly popular over the last 10 years; recent innovations have allowed us to produce the most natural and safe results than ever before. Dermal Fillers are extremely flexible and can be used in both the face and body; our most popular treatments are below:

Whether you are looking to redefine the border of the lips, smooth away any fine lines, correct asymmetries or simply add youthful volume to thinning lips, we will customise the treatment to ensure the most perfect pout.

As we age, we often lose volume in our cheeks and across the cheekbones which pulls the face downwards making us look older. By expertly applying dermal filler, we can ‘lift’ this area, creating volume without looking false or unflattering.

The lines that run from our nose to our mouth become more defined as we age, gravity will pull the skin downwards creating a distinct fold that can be very ageing. Adding volume to this area immediately lifts the face with beautifully natural results.

Dermal lip fillers

These vertical lines running from our lips to our nose can appear as early as our 30’s, making the lip area look less attractive and cause additional problems of lipstick ‘bleeding’ into the area.  They are very easy to treat and you will see an immediate result in the texture of the skin.

neck fillerThe most common issues in this area are the horizontal lines or ‘bands’ that form around our necks, these have been tricky to treat in the past but can now be smoothed out and filled with medium density fillers.
Dermal fillers handsOur hands are exposed to more external factors than almost any skin on our body, sings of ageing here are lines and wrinkles, sun damage and age spots and visible, protruding veins. HA creates instant volume, masking the veins and smoothing out the fine lines.

Whether you are looking to define your lips, or even your jawline – creating a lifted and more youthful face or removing lines and wrinkles, we have a great option for you. We specialise in creating extremely natural results and do this through using advanced techniques and by choosing the right density of dermal filler for your skin.

Dermal fillers can be used on any patient over 18 and well into the later years, all skin types and tones can benefit. There are some medications and conditions with which dermal fillers may not be appropriate, please check with your practitioner before treatment.
With all injectables there is a moderate risk of swelling and bruising at the injection site which usually subsides within a couple of days. Borciani London take special care to minimise the risk of this.
Most dermal filler treatments are complete in one session; we will meet with you 2 weeks after your initial procedure to assess whether you require a top up.
We will arrange an in depth consultation with you before your treatment to make sure we understand the look that you would like to achieve. We specialise in making sure the results are as natural as possible and compliment your features. Dermal fillers last around 6-12 months depending on the area being treated.
We allow an hour for most dermal filler procedures.
The aftercare following dermal fillers is very simple; we ask you to keep the area clean, dry and makeup free for 12 hours to minimise the risk of infection. Following this, you can continue as normal.
This is quite normal, especially if it is your first treatment. Most clients are a little anxious about the results and how the treatment feels, we use a topical anaesthetic and numbing agent in our fillers to ensure your are as comfortable as possible. Our practitioners are always happy to help you feel at ease, please feel free to speak to your them about any concerns you have.
The most common risks are swelling and bruising around the area, which should resolve in 2-5 days. There is a small risk of infection which we work to minimise during and after the procedure. We are sure that you will love your results, but if you would like to reverse the treatment then we can also dissolve the dermal fillers. A full list of more rare complications can be found here:
Costs of Dermal Fillers at Borciani LondonLip Fillers £350Nasolabial Folds/Marionette Lines £325Cheek Augmentation £350£ (£500 for 2ml)Line Smoothing Forehead /Glabella £325Hand Rejuvenation £395Neck Bands £350Decolletage Smoothing Treatment £395Hyalase – Dissolving Dermal Filler £160Prices are based on 1ml

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