Beauty Treatments For Cancer Patients

At Borciani London, we are so pleased to offer both medical and cosmetic options for permanent makeup .We understand this is often an extremely difficult time for clients who are facing both physical and emotional effects of their diagnosis.

Your doctor will have provided you with guidance on your treatment plan depending on your stage and grade. On this page, we will show you the treatments that can help with the emotional challenges that come with surgery and chemotherapy.


One of the most common side effects of chemotherapy is hair loss, when on the scalp, it can be covered with a wig or scarf but clients struggle with the loss of brows and lashes as it can alter your look so dramatically.

We often see clients before their first chemo cycle so that we can reinforce their brows by either using Microblading or machine hair strokes. If you have already gone through the chemo cycles then we can recreate your lost brows with extremely realistic techniques.

Surgical & Mastectomy


If your treatment is surgical, you are likely to have a Lumpectomy or Mastectomy.  With any lumpectomy, you will be left with a scar on the incision site, after you are totally healed we use an extremely effective combination of scar softening, Mesotherapy and scar camouflage to reduce the appearance of the scar tissue.

Mastectomies are performed if you have been diagnosed with breast cancer or are at a very high risk of developing it.  Following the mastectomy you may have opted for a breast reconstruction either by implant, tram flap/diep flap.  Whilst this restores the shape of the breast, clients often say that the lack of areola leaves them with a reminder of the illness and they still do not feel complete.

At Borciani London, we are so pleased to offer 3D Areola Reconstruction; we use pigments to create an extremely realistic areola whether you have had a single or double mastectomy.

We often combine this treatment with scar camouflage and softening to reduce the scars following the surgery.

The photo’s below are directly after treatment, the healed result is softer and very natural.

breast reconstruction
3D Areola Reconstruction

Treatment Prices

Our clients have told us that they had not been able to move past the illness until having these treatments as they still ‘looked ill’ even though they feel great. We are often the last part of the treatment and an incredibly important stage of recovery.
3D Areola Reconstruction Single£300
3D Areola Reconstruction Double£500
Scar Camouflage/Scar Softening£250
Brow Restoration – Microblading£445
Eyeliner Restoration£440

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