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The ageing process can take its toll on your skin, a loss of collagen and elastin will lead to loss of volume. Couple this with sun damage over time and progressive exposure to harsh elements, lack of hydration and of course, our predisposed genetics and skin will begin to lose its plumpness. Elasticity and radiance will also be lost causing a tired, much older appearance. Growth Factor Induction Therapy provides an invigorating and intense collagen boost. This particular facial will address the issues associated with our skin, along with acne, pigmentation issues, scarring, wrinkles and even hair loss.

Who Is It For?

Growth factor facials take facial treatments to the next level, providing the perfect solution for visible signs of stress, ageing and sun damage without the need for surgery. This particular collagen boosting facial takes 20 minutes and as a result can offer the perfect pick me up before any special event.

What Happens During The Treatment?

One of the key elements involved within the growth factor facial is the use of a concentrated growth factor, AQ’s Recovery Serum contains the highest concentration of natural growth factors, proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans This recovery serum is applied to all areas before a derma stamp is used, otherwise known as micro needling. The purpose of the micro needling is to help create an effective delivery system or channel, to infuse your skin with concentrated growth factors, allowing the recovery serum to penetrate deeper.

Further recovery serum will then be applied to make use of the channels created by the derma stamp. While Growth Factor Induction Therapy does make use of micro-needling all over the skin, it still remains a relatively comfortable procedure. If however your skin is particularly sensitive to the needles, we are able to apply a numbing cream in order to alleviate any discomfort. Here at Borciani London, our Growth Factor Facials start from £300 per session.

the results after a growth factor facial

Before and after the treatment

Plasma treatment for facial skin

A noticeable change straight after treatment

When Will I See Results And How Long Will It Last?

An intensive course of the growth factor facials will offer a naturally fresher, plumper and tighter appearance with a distinct improvement in terms of texture and tone. Results are immediate and visible after just one treatment. Growth Factor Induction Therapy starts at £300 per session however we have an incredible introductory price of £250 per session or £700 for 3 sessions

If you’d like more information on our growth factor facials, from consultations to bookings, do not hesitate to contact our team today at Borciani London via email at Our team will be happy to answer any questions and offer advice and guidance should you need it.

Your skin will be cleansed and prepared for the treatment. The Growth factor will be applied directly to the skin and then a dermastamp will be used to ‘push’ the serum into the skin and create a micro channel, the Growth Factor is then reapplied and left on the skin for 24 hours
This facial is completely comfortable as the demastamp used is 0.8mm. If we are treating scars then we will apply a topical numbing cream.
It will take around 20 – 30 minutes.
You will see a difference immediately, the next morning your skin will look, tighter, more radiant and your pores will have diminished. This will continue to improve dramatically if you are using the complimentary ‘Active Serum’.
Your skin may look a little red but this will be gone by the following morning, please do not apply and makeup to the skin until 24 hours after the treatment.
Growth Factor Induction Therapy is £350 per treatment or £800 for a course of 3

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Natasha is highly skilled and professional whilst being warm and friendly. I had eyebrows done, which have been a hugely uplifting change to my face. Natasha has so much understanding, patience and experience to know what is appropriate for you and takes time to ensure you are 100% happy with the outline. You get what you pay for and when considering a long lasting procedure on the face, only the best should do. Natasha is the go-to expert. I am delighted with the results of my treatment and care and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Natasha
Yell - Belgravia118
I had the most enjoyable experience having my eyebrows microbladed. Natasha was professional, friendly and very accommodating. She thoroughly explained the procedure and helped me feel at ease. During the procedure she made sure to check after every stroke if I was alright and if I felt any pain she applied more anesthetic. The treatment went by very quick thanks to the pleasant conversation we had and her amazing music play list. At the end I had the fleekiest eyebrows! I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for great results while not compromising comfort.
Google - Ludmilla
Absolutely delighted with my brows. Natasha is such a professional. I’ve gone from hating my brows to loving them. No more brow pencils or brow gel, I’ve got the look I’ve always wanted. Highly, highly recommend
My eyebrows have gone from sparce and straggly to beautifully-shaped lustrous. I had a really good experience as Natasha is a professional with a warm personality who worked with me all the way. The treatment was painless, again Natasha waited until the anaesthetic had worked rather than rushing on. Totally recommend going to her.
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