Alopecia Treatment

While general hair loss, due to hormonal, hereditary or external causes, is a frequent occurrence, many people face this problem due to alopecia. In the UK alone, it is estimated that about 15 in 10,000 people, among varying age groups, are affected by alopecia. Alopecia can occur in various forms, where the loss of hair is temporary or permanent, on the scalp and/or the body. This can deeply impact the confidence levels of people.

Alopecia On The Scalp

In its various forms, alopecia can cause coin-sized patches of baldness on the scalp, thinning or complete loss of hair. With our Hair Follicle Simulation treatment, we are able to help people look great again.

Hair Follicle Simulation

Our Hair Follicle Simulation treatment is a safe, non-surgical alternative which is suitable for all stages of hair loss and looks great on all ages, hair colours and skin types. It’s been designed to replicate the appearance of real hair follicles or strands in women, offering a more affordable and natural alternative to hair restoration. HFS has been available for some time and is often referred to as Scalp Tattooing, Scalp Micropigmentation or Hairline Tattoos. Recent developments mean that this procedure can now be completed in 90 minutes rather than a gruelling 5-15 hours.

In a large number of cases, our clients have reported increased hair growth in the treatment area due to collagen and elastic being triggered at the time of the procedure.

Hair Follicle Simulation treatment

Alopecia On The Face

To combat the loss of hair on the face due to alopecia, we offer permanent brow and permanent eyeliner solutions.
A well-defined and shaped brow is one of the most important features on the face and can create the most immediate, positive impact. There are several options for permanent brows including microblading individual hair strokes, colour wash or ‘brow mist’.


Microblading is a technique used to create hyper real hair strokes with a manual tool, this process is often referred to as ‘brow embroidery’. This produces the most natural looking brows and is a great option for those with sparse hair or looking to create a more defined shape.

Hair Stroke Brows

This method gives the illusion of individual hairs that blend seamlessly into your existing brows using a digital pigmentation machine. A great option for those with oily skin who are not good candidates for microblading.

Brow Mist/Ombre Brow

This eyebrow enhancement creates the softest shadow of colour similar to the effect created with an eyebrow powder or pencil. It’s a great option for any age and skin type and can be combined with microblading for a very natural result. Ombre is the newest technique for brows giving a sharply defined, high style finish. If you love your brows ‘on fleek’ then this is the look for you.

To counter the loss of eyelashes, we create definition on the eyes with the use of permanent eyeliner treatments. We have a range of options from a discreet lash liner to a stronger evening look to suit every face. We will work with you during your consultation to find the most flattering shape and colour for your treatment, you will be left with a beautiful, long lasting liner.

Discreet Lash Liner

If you have sparse eyelashes, then this is a great option. We will apply a discreet line within the lashes making your eyes look more defined and with fuller lashes.

Natural Eyeliner

This is a more defined look, but still very natural we will create a fine line above the lash line, lovely look for the day.

Extended Day Liner

Wider than the Natural Eyeliner, this look is still natural but with a thicker line above the lashes and a cat’s eye extension.

Evening Liner

The evening liner is a bold, thick line above the lashes incorporating a winged cats eye, great if you prefer an evening look to your eye makeup.

Hair Follicle Simulation

During the consultation, we will discuss the look that you wish to achieve, whether it be covering a bald spot or refreshing your receding hairline. We will custom blend pigments to match your hair colour exactly and provide a topical numbing agent to ensure that you are comfortable during the procedure.
We recreate your hairline in the initial session with microdots of pigment which replicate the look of hair follicles. Implantation is carried out using a digital roller system which dramatically reduces the treatment time (previously 5-10 hours, now 60-90 minutes).

Permanent Brows

At your consultation, we will discuss your current brow shape and what you are looking to achieve. Most clients will have something in mind so please feel free to bring in examples of photos or magazines. A template is then drawn on your brows, which will represent the final shape, I will ask for feedback throughout this step, ensuring that you are happy with both the contour and colour match.

The treatment will then begin and will take around 40 minutes to complete; at several points during the treatment we will check the results with you.

The final step will be to schedule a ‘control’ session once the brows have healed, this will be between 4 and 12 weeks following the initial treatment. The purpose of this session is to check that the brows are healed, that you are happy with the results and to perform any ‘tweaks’ if required.

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