After Care For Scalp Pigmentation

You will want to get back to your usual routine as soon as possible following your scalp pigmentation treatment. To ensure that your treatment lasts as long as possible, please follow the aftercare instructions below
DAY 1-4
• Avoid any exercise that will make you sweat, do not cleanse or shampoo your scalp.
When showering please make sure that the treatment area is covered with a shower cap or barrier ointment. No saunas, swimming or exposure to sunlight.
• From day 2 please start moisturising and use an SPF30 sunscreen whenever you are outside.
DAY 4-7
• Light exercise/sweating is OK during this period; you can get your head wet in the shower but still avoid cleansing with shampoo or shower products.
• You can resume shaving with an electric foil razor.
Day 10
• You can now cleanse your scalp with a shampoo or cleansing agents. Mattifying lotions or Milk of Magnesia are permitted.
• Heavy sweating from exercise will not affect your treatment.
4 Weeks
• At this point, you can apply tanner to your scalp.
• You can now go to the beach, swim have saunas but please use at least SPF30 when in the sun.
• Continue to moisturise the scalp to keep the skin in good condition.
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